Muller: Bayern Satisfied With Victory Over Cologne

Muller: Bayern Satisfied With Victory Over Cologne

Bayern Munich striker Thomas Muller admits he is satisfied with the team’s 1-0 victory from Cologne.

In the game, Bayern managed to win through goals created by Robert Lewandowski, and Muller admitted that his team did not show up in the game.

“Cologne are quite satisfied because they managed to hold us, but it failed to keep them in the last three minutes of the game,” said Muller.

“In the first half, we appeared less active and could not even have an attacking instinct. When playing in the second half of the game, we changed it. ”

“In the matter of energy, we are not in 100 percent condition. So we let the ball flow after successfully taking the numbers, and satisfied with this 1-0 win. “

Watzke: 100 Million Euro Not Enough for Dembele

Watzke: 100 Million Euro Not Enough for Dembele

Borussia Dortmund CEO Hans Joachim-Watzke admitted that a transfer bender of 100 million euros would not be enough to bring Ousmane Dembele.

The name of the French winger is increasingly tightly linked with Barcelona, ​​after the departure of one of their star Neymar to Paris Saint Germain.

The Brazilian star was brought PSG with a transfer benderol of 222 million euros, and successfully broke the record as the most expensive player in the world.

Watzke himself knows the situation, and refuses to release Dembele, because he considers the player as an important figure for his team.

“Under any circumstances, that number will not be enough,” said the German man when asked if 100 million euros would get him off Dembele.

“I remember the case of Kevin De Bruyne. He broke the transfer record in the Bundesliga, but when you look at the Wolfsburg situation in the year after, I do not think it’s a good transfer for the team. They lose most of their quality. “