Real Madrid Lost from Promotion Team, Here’s Ronaldo’s Reaction

Girona’s extraordinary victory over Real Madrid left Zinedine Zidane’s side eight points behind Barcelona in La Liga.

Although it is too early to say that the La Liga title race is over, it takes a “small miracle” for Real Madrid to pursue Barcelona to retain the league trophy.

Facing the defending champions, Girona did not flinch. Skuat Pablo Machín concoction is actually kicked off when the game begins.

But the 12th minute, it was Real Madrid who scored. Starting from kicking Cristiano Ronaldo from outside the penalty box that ditepis goalkeeper Bounou, wild boola directly struck Isco. Goal!

But, in the second half in just four minutes, Girona changed the outcome of the match. Former Middlesbrough striker Christian Stuani equalized in the 54th minute, after which Portu’s goal ensured a Girona victory.

Both goals were enough to make about 13,000 supporters Girona at Estadio Municipal de Montilivi happy. However, another atmosphere was felt in the faces of some Real Madrid players, including their star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s face is like saying all the conditions of Real Madrid. After Girona’s second goal, the camera had captured the face of Ronaldo when the home team celebrate.


Lose 2-1, Real Madrid Promoted Promotion Team

And, Ronaldo – who was selected as FIFA Player of the Year earlier this week – looks very angry. This could invite a reaction from fans not a supporter of Real Madrid in social media.

Madrid has only a few days to improve on before traveling to Wembley. They will face Tottenham in the Champions League next Wednesday.

Ronaldo and his friends need to dramatically improve their performance if they are to achieve a positive result.

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