Raiola: Ibrahimovic Will Play For Five Years Again

The agent of Zlatan Ibrahimovic Mino Raiola believes that the player still has five years in professional football Sbobet58.org.

The 36-year-old striker has just suffered a ligament injury, and is in the process of injury recovery. Even so, the agent believes that the player will still have a long career.

“He still has a lot of things in him,” Raiola told reporters. “I think the minimum, he still has four to five years. I will not let him stop. Now, he has to work for me. ”

“I have worked for him, for several years. Now it’s his turn to work for me. My children are grown now, and I need money. ”

“We have agreed, if he will only hire me for five years. So now we are going to turn things around, I get his salary, and he will only receive a commission. “

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