Dalglish Worries Mourinho Apply Negative Football against Liverpool

Manchester United will face their first major test of the season in the Premier League against Liverpool FC at Anfield Stadium on Saturday (14/10/2017) Kaisarsbo.com.

Manchester United who have started the 2017-2018 season with a brilliant course want to return victory over Liverpool.

Manchester United’s manager, Jose Mourinho, also has a good record every time facing Liverpool.

Throughout Mourinho’s career, Liverpool is one of the clubs he beat most often with Tottenham Hotspur 11 times.

However, former Liverpool manager, Kenny Dalglish, worried if the game will be a spectacle that is not good to watch.

Dalglish accused Mourinho of asking his players to “park the bus” in defense or play negative football and rely solely on counterattack at Anfield.

This is due to the last meeting of both teams at Anfield last season.

In the game, both teams only played a goalless draw caused by the defense game that applied Mourinho.

It was very different when Mourinho came to Anfield and played for victory while still handling Chelsea three years ago.

“Last year, he returned to Anfield with Manchester United and throughout their fight only survive, in fact, they almost scored when Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a chance at the end of the game,” Dalglish told the Mirror.

“Mourinho has the ability to know how to win the game, but if he does it in a defensive way, I think Juergen Klopp will be an opponent who will make it difficult because he is not interested in a draw,” he said.

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