AC Milan Shown Badly, Montella Not Feeling Threatened

The future of Vincenzo Montellla as AC Milan coach began to be questioned. That’s because he failed to bring the Rossoneri appear consistent in the Italian league Agen Bola Sbobet. The latest bad result is a 0-2 defeat of Sampdoria.

In the match at the Stadio Comunale Luigi Ferraris on Sunday (24/09/2017), AC Milan defeated by Daniel Zapata scored in the 72nd minute and Ricardo Alvarez (90 + 1). For Milan, it was their second defeat in the Italian league.

Milan management was immediately reacted after the defeat. They feel no acceptance of the defeat considering Milan is jor-rod to buy players in the transfer market summer 2017.

They immediately held a special meeting with Montella. After the meeting, surprisingly Montella fired the team’s physical trainer, Emanuele Marra. Although the situation is not conducive, Montella believes he still gets support.

“Suporter? They show attachment and confidence to us, maybe there is a bit of disappointment, but mentalistas can be created over time and you also often stumble,” said Montella as quoted by Football Italia.

Affirmation was expressed Montella ahead of the second duel of Europa League Group D between Milan and Rijeka at San Siro, Friday (29/09/2017) pm dawn. The target hosts clearly clinched three points in order to remain top of Group D standings.

In the inaugural match, AC Milan got impressive results with a 5-1 victory at the Vienne Austria headquarters. If performing with the best performance, Milan would certainly easily conquer Rijeka.

“I can not say more than what I’ve said, we grow together, but if there’s no conviction and the same vision, the separation becomes inevitable,” Montella insisted.

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